Changelog v3.10


Released: 28 September 2020
  • Bug Fix Add Whatsapp social sharing button to Kinabalu template.
  • Bug Fix Update Mapbox implementation to use modern static tiles API.
  • Bug Fix Support unicode slugs.
  • Bug Fix Fix display issue with rating star where its display might be assigned as block.
  • Bug Fix Correct an image orientation based on image's EXIF date when in GD2 library.
  • Bug Fix Fix 7.4 depreceation notice for "Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces".


Released: 10 May 2020
  • Bug Fix Fix partially hidden focus fields in summary view.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affecting custom field with caption that contains quote(s).
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where listing renewals aren't working as expected.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug in module assignment to allow module to be published to Root category only.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP Notice in router.
  • Bug Fix Fix incorrect parameters in COM_MTREE_ADMIN_NEW_REVIEW_MSG_WAITING_APPROVAL.
  • Addition Youtube fieldtype now have a new option to show image (default) or video in summary view.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where 'Custom Tile Server URL' is not being used.
  • Removed Removed unused 'useFeaturedHighlight' parameter in Banyan template.
  • Bug Fix Fix error when deleting categories with listing.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where incorrect new rating were recorded when a vote is discarded after rejecting a review.


Released: 15 July 2019
  • Addition Add additional support for map providers: OpenStreetMap, Mapbox and HERE.
  • Bug Fix Fix minor erros in Banyan's CSS.
  • Bug Fix Add responsive CSS to some Banyan's Index template page.
  • Bug Fix Fix issue with using double quotes in input fields.
  • Bug Fix Fix pagination in 'Browse By' pages.
  • Bug Fix Remove sharing to Google Plus.
  • Addition Postcode now accepts Elements.


Released: 13 February 2019
  • Bug Fix Fix incorrect CSS syntax typo in page_subCatIndex* and page_index* template files.
  • Addition Include user's name property in reviews output.
  • Bug Fix Fix fields not being updated when changing top level categories in front-end.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing RSS core field captions.
  • Bug Fix Only display 'reviewCount' when there is at least one review.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug related to tag with ampersand (&) that causes linkstag links not working.
  • Note Remove updateservers from Mosets Tree and Profile Picture plugin's manifest file.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP 7.3 warning on 'continue' usage inside 'switch' statement without a numeric argument.


Released: 5 December 2018
  • Bug Fix Fix incorrect bug when copying listing with core field date, telephone and year.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug with using Styled Google Maps.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing 'Reset' filter not working on IE11.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP warning in tellDateTime function.
  • Addition Support core field columns in back-end search results.


Released: 13 September 2018
  • Addition New config to choose between username and user ID for owner slug in SEF URL.
  • Addition When using " Link ID & Alias Hybrid slug type", we can just specify the link ID to load a listing.
  • Bug Fix Fix error when enabling GA tracking in Vanity URL field.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing template to fail when running under Windows server.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where breadcrumbs are not showing for category.


Released: 25 July 2018
  • Bug Fix Fix issue lo loading controller with uppercase letter(s).
  • Bug Fix Fix search redirect issue where ampersand is replaced with &.


Released: 27 June 2018
  • Bug Fix Fix error when viewing a non-existent owner page. Now returns 404.
  • Bug Fix Fix issue with verifying subscription's Access Key.
  • Bug Fix Fix issue with listings not showing in cluster map.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where listings are not found when browsed by tags.


Released: 14 May 2018
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where field with multiple input values aren't retaining value when running under PHP 7.1+.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP 7.2's count() warnings.
  • Bug Fix Banyan: Ellipsis in index view's category now links to the category page.
  • Bug Fix Fix buy where 'Browse By' does not work when SEF URL is not enabled.


Released: 18 April 2018
  • Bug Fix Fix bug with kinabalu listing summary thumbnail.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug with listings pagination display.
  • Bug Fix Website field is not showing in details view.
  • Bug Fix Fix login redirect bug not redirecting to the origin URL.


Released: 2 April 2018
  • Bug Fix Fix repeating Website field when it's set as main attribute or focus field.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing language string for Share with Whatsapp config.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing argument for SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER language string in sub_search.
  • Addition COM_MTREE_RATE_THIS_LISTING, COM_MTREE_ADD_YOUR_LISTING_HERE is now overridable in top level categories.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing 'Browse By' not to work.


Released: 29 March 2018
  • Addition Brand new template 'Banyan'.
  • Bug Fix Can not browse category when Directory's View Access Level is set to non-Public.
  • Bug Fix Error when searching for "Pending" listings in back-end.
  • Bug Fix Error 403 during save listing when (1) 'Allow owner to modify listing' is set to No and; (2) Modifying listing as Manager.
  • Bug Fix Parse URL function in Core Description does not parse HTTPS URL correctly.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug in showing incorrect number of listings in 'browse by' results.
  • Bug Fix Claim button not showing if the listing owner is assigned additional non-claimable user groups.
  • Bug Fix Fix reflected XSS vulnerabilities in filter result pages.
  • Bug Fix MT Importer: Fix inability to import values with 0 through CSV.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug in Date field where it is showing even when left empty.
  • Addition New Share with WhatsApp.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP 7.2 Warning on count()-ing non-countable types.
  • Bug Fix Don't override mFieldTypeNumber getInpitValue function so that it can have default value.