How to enable reCAPTCHA in Mosets Tree?

About CAPTCHA in Mosets Tree

Mosets Tree supports CAPTCHA by making use of Joomla's CAPTCHA plugin. Joomla comes with 2 CAPTCHA plugins pre-installed and Mosets Tree works with both of them. This article will use reCAPTCHA service as an example, but you can use any other CAPTCHA plugin with Mosets Tree.

Enable CAPTCHA in Joomla

To use CAPTCHA in Mosets Tree, you first need to enable reCAPTCHA in Joomla. You can refer to this tutorial in Joomla's documentation on the instructions to do this. Once you have completed the tutorial, you'll see reCAPTCHA appearing om your site's front-end Register and Contact Us form. This means that you've successfully enabled reCAPTCHA on your site.

Enable CAPTCHA in Mosets Tree

CAPTCHA is enabled by default in Mosets Tree. You can confirm this by going to Mosets Tree's Configuration and check under "Captcha" tab. This tab contains 4 configuration that lets you control which form (Review, Contact Owner, Report Listing, Report Review and Recommend) to use CAPTCHA. Once you have enabled CAPTCHA in Joomla from above section, you will see CAPTCHA appearing in each of the Mosets Tree forms you've selected to use CAPTCHA.

Enable CAPTCHA in Mosets Tree Add Listing form

To use CAPTCHA in Mosets Tree's front-end Add Listing form, create a new custom field based on "Captcha" field type. This is a new field type introduced in Mosets Tree 3 that allows you to use CAPTCHA in Add Listing form. A few things to note about Captcha field type in Mosets Tree:

Once published, it requires a correct answer to the Captcha test-challenge in order for a listing to save.

The answer is not saved to Mosets Tree.

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