What Is New in Mosets Tree 3.10

Banyan Template

Mosets Tree 3.10 introduces Banyan template, the new default template for Mosets Tree. It comes with number of different styles for your Index, Listing Summary and Listing Details pages.

Image Slider

Banyan uses a new image slider, FlexSlider 2. This image slider replaces the lightbox that is used in the details page. It is also used in listing summary view, allowing your users to browse your listings' images without clicking in to thei details page.

Search bar is now available by default on top of every Index page. It supports auto-complete which means they can quickly look for what they want and go to the listing directly.

Browse By Tags

Banyan the ability show list of tags from one or more taggable fields in Index page. For example, if you run a movie review websites and you might be categorising your movies by genres. So with this new feature, your user can browse by genres (your categories) and by any other taggable fields you choose to show. In this example, it might be list of Directors, Actors, Year Released and so on.

See This In Demo

Take a look at Autos category where we have the list of car brands in Index page, in addition to the type of cars.

Main Attribute & Focus Fields

Some of the new listing summary and listing details styles allows you to define fields as "Main Attribute" or "Focus" field. These fields when selected will be shown in special placement within the listing style. This allows you to call to attention to some of the important information about your listings.

PHP 7.2 Compatible

Mosets Tree 3.10 is now compatible with PHP 7.2. Going forward, PHP 7.2 is our recommended version of PHP to use with Mosets Tree.


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