Changelog v3.8


Released: 8 June 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix non-working listing parameters.
  • Bug Fix Undo the changes to Text Editor fieldtype to fix issue with non-TinyMCE editor.
  • Bug Fix Fix typo that refers to minimum size in Image field type. It should refer maximum size.
  • Bug Fix Fixed RSS link not using correct Itemid.


Released: 31 May 2016
  • Addition Supports RSS feed for owners' favourite listings.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug preventing template installation.
  • Bug Fix Fix listalpha pages not using fe_num_of_alpha config.
  • Bug Fix Fix pagination bug when paginating Top Listings pages created through Joomla's Menu.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing COM_MTREE_CATEGORY_URL language key.
  • Bug Fix Fix RSS feed PHP Notices when using custom fields.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affecting simple search ordering.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where a custom created date can not be saved when creating new listing.
  • Addition Add additional module positions to allow publishing module to a specific listing using position name as follows: listing-footer-id#, listing2-footer-id# and listing3-footer-id#, where # is the listing ID.
  • Bug Fix Fix error when searching with random sorting.
  • Note Undo the changes to WYSIWYG editor that retains value when changing category.! Undo the changes to WYSIWYG editor that retains value when changing category.


Released: 18 April 2016
  • Addition Supports Page Heading when defined and enabled in Home's menu item.
  • Bug Fix Text based fields does not trim text based on maxDetailsChars parameter.
  • Note Coredesc's ellipsis is now overridable.
  • Bug Fix Fixed publish_up not following timezone.
  • Bug Fix Core modified field not outputting datetime with local timezone.
  • Bug Fix mod_mt_stats now links to Listing Owners page
  • Bug Fix Fix mismatch in owners count.
  • Bug Fix Fix unintended behaviour where entered data are encoded during onChange event.


Released: 11 April 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix pagination issue with Top Listings when limit is different from fe_num_of_all config.
  • Bug Fix Fixed listalpha not being ordered.
  • Bug Fix Fixed missing reCaptcha.
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug where fields values are not retained when changing category.
  • Addition Ability to sort by more core fields in All Listings, Advanced Search and Filter Search results page.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affecting changing of owner when editing listings in back-end.
  • Addition Supports individual listing reviews RSS feed.


Released: 15 March 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix collation error in listalpha under Joomla 3.5.
  • Addition Attachments now return noindex and nofollow header. Configurable through hidden config.
  • Note Core description field now uses maxlength attribute when max characters are configured.


Released: 8 March 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix a fatal error when running under PHP 5.4.


Released: 7 March 2016
  • Addition PHP 7 compatibility.
  • Addition Joomla 3.5 compatibility.
  • Addition Keyword search in Filters.
  • Bug Fix Include Itemid and use SEF URL when sending URLs in approved listing e-mail.
  • Bug Fix Fixed PHP Notices in adjacentListing::getListing and mtAppendPathWay method.
  • Bug Fix Fixed root's pagination.
  • Addition Taggable values now has unique class name.
  • Addition An indicator is shown in "Notes' tab when there are listing notes while editing listing in back-end.
  • Bug Fix mod_mt_search: Use module language strings instead of component's in search completion.
  • Bug Fix Fixed Search completion's thumbnail in Firefox.
  • Bug Fix Fixed non-default template setting not being used in Index page.
  • Addition Year core field now accepts elements.
  • Bug Fix mod_mt_listing: "Only Sub-cats listing" setting not limiting to active category.
  • Bug Fix Fixed Index page where it does not respect the new "Show 'Add Listing' link" config.
  • Addition Add secondary sorting in All Listings page.
  • Addition Add new audio player field type.
  • Note Now uses Google Maps 3.x release version.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP Warning on mod_mt_alphaindex.
  • Note Alpha List in Index is not mobile-responsive.
  • Note User's profile page now shows owner name instead of username.
  • Addition mod_mt_owners: New module showing listing owners.
  • Addition SEF URL for attachments.
  • Bug Fix mod_mt_listings: Prefix & Suffix display text now shows in module.
  • Addition New Joomla Form Field: mtfield.
  • Addition New event: onAfterCreateListing
  • Addition New hidden config to redirect user to a custom URL when submitting a new listing for approval.
  • Bug Fix Images are now saved according to the initial upload order.
  • Bug Fix Rebuilding tree now retains categories custom ordering.