Access Key

A Mosets Access Key authenticate your site with Mosets Update server and allow your site to check and update your Mosets Tree installation through Joomla Update system.

Get an Access Key

To get an access key, you need to have an active Mosets Tree subscription.

  • Purchase a new subscription: If you do not have existing subscription, you can purchase one at
  • Renew your subscription: If you have an expired subscription, you must renew your subscription. You can renew your subscription by logging in to your Mosets account. There is a link beside your Subscription ID where you can purchase a renewal.

If you have an active subscription:

  1. Login to your to your Mosets account.
  2. Click on your Subscription ID.
  3. Click "Generate Access Key".
    • Note: If you have an existing access key here, you can use the existing key. Alternatively, you can click on "Regenerate Access Key" to get a new one.

Using an Access Key

In order to use an Access Key on your Mosets Tree website, make sure you have Mosets Tree version 3.9.6 or later.

  1. Login to your site's back-end.
  2. Go to "Mosets Tree My Subscription"
  3. Copy the Access Key you see in previous step above and paste it to the field named "Access Key".
  4. Click the "Verify" button.

This will verify your access key with Mosets Update server. If your subscription is active, you will receive a message that your access key has been verified.

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