Changelog v3.9


Released: 13 July 2017
  • Addition Youtube fieldtype now supports playlist.
  • Bug Fix Allow editing listing even when users reached or exceeded permitted number of listings.
  • Bug Fix Make Number based custom field taggable.
  • Addition Search by Tag now supports filtering by category.


Released: 16 May 2017
  • Bug Fix Fix and fatal error when running on PHP 5.4 or earlier.
  • Bug Fix Update Mass Geocode Google Maps version from 3.6 to 3.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug preventing from being able to load additional listings in Mass Geocode.
  • Bug Fix Adds user agent when importing image using "Import Images" tool.
  • Addition mod_mt_lastupdate now also reflects update date & time when a listing is published through 'Start Publishing' date time.
  • Bug Fix Fix the inconsistent listing counts in Search By pages.


Released: 21 March 2017
  • Note Show error when copying a template without name or folder name.
  • Addition mod_mt_alphaindex now shows additional alpha index characters if defined in configuration.
  • Bug Fix 'Cluster Map's Max Zoom Level' is not applied when Cluster Map is hidden by default.
  • Bug Fix RSS showing in New & Updated page regardless of RSS configuration.
  • Note Secondary categories in Category fieldtype are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Bug Fix Fix issue with Social Sharing buttons that appears scrunched.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affecting SEF URLs of listing summary's 'Read more'.
  • Addition Add 'My Subscription' to register Access Key and view subscription status.


Released: 16 January 2017
  • Addition Add support for Greek characters in Tags field.
  • Addition Add a configurable max zoom level for cluster maps.
  • Addition Add support for adding city, state, country and postcode to page and open graph title.
  • Bug Fix Fix Spy directory listing search filter removing spaces.
  • Bug Fix Fix mobile layout when showing category images in Index page.
  • Removed Remove unused elements support in Web link field type.
  • Bug Fix Fix issue with Fancybox when site is using jQuery 2.
  • Note No longer impose maximum of 6 character limit for e-mail hostname.
  • Addition Show modified data & time in back-end edit listing page.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug in Search on Number based custom fields when using Slider search.
  • Bug Fix Don't remove Joomla's Meta Description & Keywords in Root view if these are not set in language override.
  • Note Disable scroll wheel in cluster maps.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affect onContentChangeState event hook where it is triggered every time a listing is modified.
  • Addition onContentAfterSave, onContentAfterDelete: Add listing name to the object passed during trigger.
  • Addition New onAfterNewListingApproved event hook. This is triggered when a new listing is approved.
  • Addition CSS files are not editable in back-end UI.
  • Addition Add support for "Max. allowed characters." in Text based custom fields.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing prefix and suffix text when using Listing Details Style 2 and onwards.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug in mass geocoding when listing name or address contain newlines.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where only one related category can only be added at a time.
  • Bug Fix Fix RSS icon showing in listing pages that does not have RSS feed.
  • Bug Fix Remove Associated Listing custom fields from Top Listings fields selection.


Released: 1 November 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix mod_mt_filter where cookies stored for search value aren't cleared when auto search is enabled.
  • Bug Fix Fix mod_mt_filter where reset does not clear slider's value.
  • Bug Fix Fix number based fields not showing values during edit.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug where hidden fields' value are not carried over when submitting modification for approval.
  • Bug Fix Fix PHP 7 compatibility in RSS function.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing counter values in custom fields to empty when saving listings.


Released: 12 October 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing "Template" setting in back-end Edit Listing showing template paths instead of folder names.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing slider base parameter in Number and Number based field types.
  • Addition Add owner & reviewer name to e-mail sent to listing owner when a new review is added.
  • Bug Fix Fix slider search's auto search feature trigger other filter.
  • Addition Use Itemid in Search module (mod_mt_search).
  • Bug Fix Fix for social buttons' CSS box.


Released: 14 September 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing search completion to not work when allow_json_output is disabled.
  • Bug Fix Fixed a fatal error when submitting review.
  • Bug Fix Fixed bug affecting Name field being de-assigned when saving category in back-end.
  • Bug Fix Fixed missing Google Maps API in front-end edit listing page.


Released: 31 August 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing Captcha to appear when changing category in back-end.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug causing JSON related query not to work when allow_json_output is disabled.


Released: 26 August 2016
  • Bug Fix Fix incorrect custom Publish Up datetime when creating new listings.
  • Addition Adds support for cluster maps.
  • Addition Number based fields now defaults to a Slider based ranged search.
  • Addition Filter module (mod_mt_filter) now has auto search.
  • Note Number fieldtype now uses number input field.
  • Note E-mails sent through contact and recommended form now originates from the site's sender name & email.
  • Note Google Maps in listing details page now uses API Keys.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affect page's META data being converted to HTML Entities twice.
  • Addition Support for renewing listings when they are nearing their expiration date.
  • Addition New cron controller that execute scheduled tasks within Mosets Tree's context. Hook name: onMTreeExecuteCron
  • Bug Fix Fix non-working config for keyword search toggle.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affecting "Search By" when values are numeric.
  • Note "Search By" values are now sorted naturally instead of frequency.
  • Addition Listing Owners page now supports category.
  • Addition mod_mt_owners now links to 'Read more...' page.
  • Addition JSON output support.
  • Note Don't show Reviews data in Listing Owners page when Reviews are disabled.
  • Addition E-mails to admin for pending reviews now contains URL to the listing.
  • Addition Featured core field can now be made editable in front-end.
  • Bug Fix Fix missing title in Listing Owners page.
  • Bug Fix Fix bug affecting newly copied category having the same alias as original category.