Configurations in Mosets Tree controls most aspects of how Mosets Tree works. It can be accessed in Mosets Tree's back-end: "Mosets Tree Configuration". Most of the configurations are self explanatory (at least we try to be!), so we will cover some of the important ones here.

As part of Mosets Tree's multi-directory system, many of the configurations here can be overridden in top level categories, giving you the possibility of creating top level categories with completely different configurations.

If you're looking to customize Mosets Tree, you may also find more configurable parameters by editing Mosets Tree's template:

Mosets Tree Templates [your default template]


View access level

View access level allows you to decide who can view your directory or top level category.

Admin e-mail

This is where all the notification e-mails are sent to. You can enter more than one e-mail by separating them with commas.

Adding new listing requires approval

Set Yes to require admin/manager approval of all newly submitted listings from the site front-end before they are published. Listings that are pending approval can be reviewed in the Mosets Tree's back-end:

"Mosets Tree Pending Approval Listings"

Number of days to show as new listing

A "New" badge/icon will be shown next to a listing's title/name if it is a recently added listing. This configuration allows you to set the number of days that a listing will be displayed with the new listing badge/icon.

Number of average unique pageviews per day to show as popular listing

A "Popular" badge/icon is shown next to a listing's title/name when the listing has an average hits equal to, or greater than the number configured here.

See This In Demo

Unique pageviews session (in seconds)

Mosets Tree uses cookies to track if a user has visited a listing details page before. This way multiple visits to the same listings will be counted as only 1 pageview during a session.

By default, this cookie expires after 86400 seconds (24 hours). The time between the user's first visit and the cookie expiration is called a session. If the user visits the same listing after the cookie expires, the visit will be counted as another pageview.

You can disable this by setting it to 0 (zero). Disabling this will increase the pageview count everytime a listing page is viewed.

Use WYSIWYG Editor in front-end Description field

By selecting Yes in this field will allow you to use HTML tags in the description core field. Please note that HTML tags will be stripped in the summary view and are only shown in the details view for the listing. NOTE: When you edit the description core field, there are additional parameter settings required to enable HTML tags in the description field.

Allow JSON Output

JSON is a data format that produces human-readable text and data that are easily parsable by other apps. If JSON output is enabled, you can access some of the pages in Mosets Tree in JSON format by appending the &format=json query string to its URL.

e.g.: < yoursite >/index.php?option=com_mtree&format=json


Edit Permission

Permissions allow you to control which user groups will gain access to certain functions in Mosets Tree.


By default, only listing owners can edit and delete their listings in the site front-end. Managers are users who can edit or delete listings in the front-end, even when they do not own the listings. This allows you to assign user groups to manage your directory. Select the checkboxes for "Edit listings" and "Delete listings" to choose which user groups can manage listings in the site front-end.


Primary ordering

Primary ordering allows you to set the order of how categories will be displayed in Mosets Tree. If you set the ordering to Custom, you can custom order your categories by clicking the up/down arrow icons in the ordering column of the directory page.

Secondary ordering

This parameter decides the second ordering option to follow if two or more categories have the same order in primary ordering.

Type of listings to show in Index

By default, listings displayed in the Index page are those assigned to the current category. You can change this by showing other types of listings in the Index, for example, displaying the Top Rated listings or Popular listings.

See This In Demo

Scrolling down the Index page, you can see all listings shown are Top Rated listings.

Number of listings in index

Set the number of top listings to be shown in index view. If you set the type of listing to show in the index to "Default", then the number of listings shown will be based on the "Number of listings per page" setting you have configured in the Listing tab.

Display categories

If this configuration is set to No, then categories will only be displayed to users on the "All Categories" page and nowhere else.

Display empty category

Empty category means a category that contains no sub-categories or listings. By setting No for this parameter, all the empty categories will be hidden. By setting Yes for this parameter, all the empty categories will be visible.

Display 'All Listings' link

This parameter enables the 'All Listings' link to be displayed at the top of the listings list. "All Listings" displays all the listings that belong to the category, including sub-category listings.

Display Filters

Filters lets you to use a filter for the listings displayed in a category. This is available when you view a category through "All Listings". Setting this to No will remove the filter function.


Data entered into a field is displayed in two places in the Mosets Tree front-end, Summary view and Details view.

Listing details view access level

Choose which access level groups are authorized to view listings in details view. Unauthorized users can only view listings in summary view.

Default sorting in All Listings

This configuration lets you choose the default sorting when your users view the "All Listings" page.

See This In Demo

Once users enter this page, they will see the most recent listings first because sorting is set to "Recently Added". Mosets Tree provides several options to let you decide how you want your listings to be displayed to users.

Default secondary sorting in All Listings

This configuration lets you choose the secondary sorting option for the "All Listings" page. The default is set to "None".

All Listings page sort options

This allows you to select which "Sort by" options are available on the "All Listings" page.

Show user profile in Listing Details page

Setting this to Yes will show the listing owner's profile in the listing details page.

See This In Demo

In this listing page, you can see user profile is displayed under the listing details. Clicking the user name will allow you to view details of the user profile, including the user's listings, reviews and favored listings.

Show Previous/Next listing link

This will display 2 links at the bottom of the listing details pages to allow users to navigate to adjacent (previous or next) listings within a category.

This only works well when you order your listings based upon a column where all your listings have unique values. For example, this works best when you order your listings by 'Name'.

This does not work well when your categories are ordered by a column where some listings have no value or they share the same value. For example, you can not use this feature when you order your listings by the Featured or Random options.

Additional characters for Alpha Index

By default, Mosets Tree displays an Alpha Index with alphabetic and numeric characters links. This configuration allows you to add additional characters to the end of the alpha list as part of the available links displayed to users.

Allow listings submission in root

If you allow listings submission in root of your directory, then your users will be able to submit listings through the Index page.

Show 'Add Listing' link

Configure when to show the 'Add your listing here' link in the front-end.

Never: The link will never be shown. Select this if you don't intend to allow users to register and submit listings.

All the time: The link will be shown all the time, unless a category has explicitly set not to allow listing submission. Select this if you want to encourage your users to submit listings to your directory.

Only when user has permission: The link will only be shown when a user has permission to do so and the category allows listing submission.

Allow changing of category in Add Listing

Set this parameter to Yes to allow changing of the category when users add listings. Otherwise, listings added will be assigned to the category from where your users click the "Add your listing here" link.

See This In Demo

Allow user to assign more than one category to listing

Sometimes your users may have a listing which is related to multiple categories. You can set this to Yes to let users assign their listings to more than one category. Your users can assign more than one category to a listing when clicking the "Also appear in this category" link.

Be sure to also set Yes for "Allow user to assign more than one category to listing" in order to use this.

See This In Demo

"Also appear in these categories" is displayed in listing details to show all the categories which a listing is assigned to.

Max. number of assignable secondary categories

This configuration lets you limit the maximum number of categories which a listing can be assigned to.

Max. number of listings per user

Set the maximum number of listings a user can have in the directory. This includes all published, unpublished and unapproved listings. When your users reached this limit, they will not be able to submit additional listings. Setting this to 0, will disable the limit.

Display listings in root

Set whether to display listings on the directory Index page. Setting this to No display no listings on the Index page.

Take note that if you set any of your categories to use the index template page ("Use Main Index template page" is set to Yes), then it will follow this configuration setting to decide whether to display listings on the index page.

Required fields to mark listing as updated

By default, any updates made to a listing will cause that listing to be marked as updated with a new modified date. This option allows you to enter the ID of one or more fields (separated by commas) that must be changed before a listing is marked as updated. You can get the field's ID from the ID column in the Mosets Tree back-end "Custom Fields" interface.

Number of listings per page

This configuration lets you set the maximum number of listings to be displayed on one page.

See This In Demo

In this page, we have set "Number of listings per page" to 20, as a result, you can see 20 listings at the most are shown on each page. Click on the page navigation link to view other listings on the subsequent pages.

Number of new listings per page

This parameter controls the number of new listings per page that will be displayed on the "Recently Added" page.

See This In Demo

Total new listings

You can set the total number of recently added listings to be displayed on the "Recently Added" page.

Number of days to expire listing

Specify the number of days for a listing to remain published after it is submitted. Once this number of days has passed, the listing will be changed to 'Published Down' and they will not be visible on the site front-end. Enter 0 to disable this feature. This configuration is useful for setting up a classified ads/listings type of directory.

Allow Listing Renewal

You can set a listing to expire by setting their 'Publish Down' date. Once a listing has expired, it will not be visible on the site front-end. If you allow 'Listing Renewal', then listing owners can edit their listings that are near the expiration date and click 'Submit' to renew their listings.

The renewed listings will have their expiration date extended by the same number of days set in the 'Number of days to expire listing'.

Days Remaining To Renew

Set the number of days prior to a listing expiration before that listing can be renewed.

Mosets Tree has three types of searching functions to help your user find listings in your directory: Simple Search, Advanced Search and Filters Search. Filter Search is displayed on the "All Listing" page (which has been explained earlier).

Simple Search

Simple Search is provided by Mosets Tree's Search module and consist of a single text input field. When users search through this module, the search keyword will be matched against fields that are marked as Simple Searchable.

Primary ordering

Primary ordering controls the ordering of the tags search and simple search results through the search module.

Secondary ordering

Secondary ordering works if two or more search results have the same order in primary ordering.

Minimum & Maximum characters

Specify the required minimum and maximum number of characters allowed when users search using simple search. When a user enters less than the required minimum or more than the allowed maximum number of characters, they will be shown a message and can retry their search.

Advanced Search

Advanced search appears on its own dedicated page. This page is accessible through a link in the Search module. Advanced search allows users to locate listings with specific criteria.

Default sorting in results page

This configuration allows you to choose how listings are ordered in the advanced search results.

Filter Search

Show keyword search

Enabling keyword search will show a text input filter in a category page's filter form. This allows your users to enter a keyword to search in all simple searchable fields. This is in addition to other custom fields you have setup as filter searchable.



Show rating

Setting this to Yes enables users to rate listings.

See This In Demo

In this page, you can see the rating is placed under the listing's description field to allow users to rate the listing.

See This In Demo

"Show Rating" in Properties category has been set to No, thus the rating section is not displayed on the site front-end.

User can only rate once

By default, users are only allowed to rate each listing one time. If you set this to No, your users will be able to rate your listings multiple times.

Prevent user from rating own listing

You can prevent the listing owners from being able to rate their own listings by setting this to Yes.

See This In Demo

By signing in to Mosets Tree's demo page as Demo User, you can see from the user profile, this listing belongs to the logged in user, thus rating their own listing is not allowed if "Prevent user from rating own listing" is set to Yes.

Minimum number of votes to be considered for top rated listings

To be fair in the calculation for showing top rated listings, you can set a requirement for the minimum number of votes a listing must get before it can be considered for inclusion on the list of top rated listings.

This avoids common problems, such as, it prevents a new listing that only received one rating of 5-stars from being displayed in the top rated list above other listings that have been in the directory for a longer period of time.

Minimum number of votes to show rating

This sets the minimum number of votes a listing must get before their ratings are shown on the site front-end. This helps maintain fairness in the directory with other listings who have been in the directory for a longer period of time.


Show review

Setting this to Yes will show all the listing's reviews on the listings details page.

See This In Demo

Scrolling down the page, you will see several reviews from users for this listing.

Allow rating during review

If you set this parameter to Yes, a select list will be provided to your users on the "Submit review" page for them to submit a rating along with their review for the listing.

See This In Demo

Require rating during review

Enabling the Require Rating during review option will make the rating field entry mandatory in the "Submit review" page. In this situation, users will be required to select a rating before they can submit their review.

Adding new review requires approval

Mosets Tree lets you evaluate the appropriateness of a new review before it is published on the site front-end. Users will be notified that their review is awaiting approval after they submit a new review. If require approval is disabled, new reviews will be posted directly to the listing without being evaluated by the directory admin/manager.

Prevent user from reviewing own listing

Set this parameter to Yes so the listing owners will not be able to submit reviews for their own listings.

See This In Demo

By signing in to Mosets Tree's demo page as Demo User, go to My Page and simply choose a listing which belongs to the logged in user, for example "Frozen" from Movie category. Try to submit a review for this listing, and you will be directed to the page that notifies you that reviewing your own listing is not allowed.

Primary ordering

Ordering lets you decide which review you want to be displayed first on the listings details page. For instance, you can show the reviews according to their total number of helpful votes or by review date.

Allow owner to reply reviews

By setting this to Yes, the listing owners are allowed to reply to reviews which are shown with their own listings.

Replying to review requires approval

Similar to the other Require Approval function, set this to Yes so you can moderate the owner's reply to a review before it is published on the site front-end.

User can only review once

If you choose Yes for this setting, users will be limited to submitting only one review per listing.

Allow registered user to vote on helpful reviews

You can display the helpful votes section on each review for registered users. This allows them to provide feedback to reviews by clicking the Yes or No link to indicate if they feel a review is helpful.

Pre-defined e-mails to reviewer

Mosets Tree allows you to create up to 5 pre-defined e-mails that you can choose to be sent to a reviewer after an approval or rejection of a review. This helps you to respond to any common rejection reasons for reviews, or just to say thanks upon an approval of a review.

Pre-defined replies

You are able to enter up to 5 pre-defined e-mail replies. Every pre-defined reply you entered will become the option of the selection list in Mosets Tree back-end review's pending approval interface. If you checked the "Send e-mail to reviewer upon approval/rejection" checkbox, this selection list will be displayed and allow you to choose a pre-defined e-mail reply to be sent along with the approval or rejection of a review.


Show map in listing details page

Mosets Tree comes with support for Google Maps on the listings details page which shows a marker on the listing's address. Setting this to No will disable this feature. This setting also decides if Map is available for you or your users to add an address marker when editing a listing.

Default Country, State & City

If your users do not enter a country, state or city to a listing, then when they click to "Locate listing in map", the default value set in this configuration will be used for the geocoding process.

This is useful when your directory deals with listings mainly from one location.

Show link to map

Enable this feature to provide users a link to view the listing's location in Google Maps.

Show map in category, index, search results, top listings and list all pages

These are the individual settings for Cluster Maps. Cluster Map shows a map with multiple location markers from your listings. This appears near the top of the pages before the listing summaries are shown, with a toggle to Show or Hide the map.

Google Maps API Key

Enter your Google Maps API Key.

Cluster Map's Max Zoom Level

Specify the maximum zoom level for cluster maps. This is useful when a cluster map is showing only one marker or a few markers that are very close together. Having a maximum zoom level will show these marker within a larger map area. Enter a value between 1 - 22. Default value is 14. Leave empty to use the default zoom level.

Google Maps Types

Select the type of maps you want to make available to your users in your Cluster Maps.

Default Google Maps Type

Choose the map type to load by default.

Google Maps' 'Styled Map' JS style array

Enter the javascript style array codes to define a custom style to your map. You can find some popular styles at


Features allows you to configure most of the functions in the listing page of your directory.

Show Favourite

This shows the "Add as Favourite" link on the listings details page for readers to favorite a listing.

Show print

Shows a "Print" button that allows users to print a listing along with the listing details.

Show visit

Shows a "Visit" button where users can visit a listing's website (if the URL was provided by listing's owner).

Show claim

Shows a "Claim" button to allow users to claim listings as their own. When users claim a listing, a pending approval notification will be sent to the Administrator. The Administrator can view this claim in the Mosets Tree's back-end to approve or reject the claim.

Show owner's listings

Shows an "Owner's listings" link will provide a link for other readers to view all the owner's listings.

Default owner's listings

Each user on your site will have a user profile page that shows all their listings, reviews and favored listings. This setting lets you choose which tab (either Listings, Favourites or Reviews) is to be shown first when someone views a user profile.

Show contact

"Contact" link allows users to contact the listing's owner by sending an e-mail to them through a contact form.

E-mails that are sent through this contact form are sent to the e-mail address entered in the listing's E-mail field. If this field is empty and the Use user's e-mail address if listing e-mail is empty setting is set to Yes, the e-mail will be sent to the owner of the listing.

Display contact form in

Contact form will be shown on a separate page if you select to display the contact form on a Standalone Page. Otherwise you can select to display the contact form on the Listing Details Page and users can see the contact form by scrolling down the listing page.

Contact BCC E-mail

All e-mails that are sent through the contact form will be BCC-ed (Blind Carbon Copied) to the email address(es) provided in this field. If you have more than one BCC e-mail address, separate them by commas.

Show report

"Report" link allows users, both registered and non-registered public users, to send a report message for a listing to the Administrator. This can notify the Administrator about listing content that may be offensive, or has inaccurate information, or contains any other reasons that should be reported.

Show recommend

If your users find a listing they like, then this "Recommend" link will allow them to recommend that listing to their friends through the e-mail form.

Use user's e-mail address if listing e-mail is empty

Any messages related to a listing will be sent to the listing's owner with the e-mail address provided during submission of the listing. Otherwise, messages will be sent to the e-mail address of the user's account.


Notify allows you to configure when to send a notification e-mail to the Admin and a Listing's owner.


For Admin, you can configure if notification e-mails will be sent when the following events occur:

  • New listing
  • Modify listing
  • Delete listing
  • New review


For the listing's owner, you can configure the notification e-mails to be sent when the following events occur:

  • New listing
  • Modify listing
  • Listing approved
  • Review approved
  • Review added to own listing


When an image is uploaded the system will save the image in three formats: the original image, a thumbnail sized image, and a medium sized image.

Note: Changing the value for image sizes or squared thumbnail feature will not change the images that are already uploaded to your listings. To apply the new configuration to your existing images, you need to rebuild your images using the Rebuild Thumbnails tool. This tool will rebuild your listings' small & medium images by resizing them based on the configuration settings you have.

You can access the tool at:

Mosets Tree Tools Rebuild Thumbnails

Small/Thumbnail's image size

This allows you to set the maximum width and height of a thumbnail image.

Squared thumbnail

Setting this to Yes will generate thumbnails with a square dimension. This will produce a consistent set of thumbnails with the same dimensions in the directory. However for some images, the sides of the thumbnail could be cropped out in order to fit into a square.

Medium's image size

This is the maximum width and height of a medium sized image.

Minimum image width in pixels

You can set the minimum image width in pixels required for users to upload a medium sized image.

Minimum image height in pixels

This parameter controls the minimum image height required for users to upload a medium sized image.

Category's image size

This is the maximum width and height of a category image.

Allow owner to upload image

Setting this to Yes allows the listing's owner to upload images when adding or editing a listing.

Images per listing

Images per listing lets you set the maximum number of images that can be uploaded to a listing.

Maximum image size (in bytes)

Set the maximum file size for images. Any uploaded images that exceed this maximum file size will be discarded and the user will be notified about this.


In sharing you can control whether to insert social bookmarking buttons in the listings details view so that users can share your directory pages in popular social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Facebook Like

By setting this to Yes, Facebook Like will show the like button on every listing details page.

Pinterest On Hover Pin

On Hover Pin will show Pinterest's Pin it button on your listing's main image when a user mouses over it.

Twitter Card

Mosets Tree supports Twitter Cards that helps your users to tweet with a richer media experience.

Use Twitter Card

When a listing contains at least one image, Twitter Card will attach the image when your users share or tweet the listings.

Site Twitter

Enter your site's Twitter username without the @ sign. This will be used in content attribution when users share listings to Twitter.

Twitter Card Type

Select one of these values: summary, summary_large_image or photo. To check out more about Twitter Card Types, click here.

If you're using summary_large_image or photo card type, be sure to allow the Twitter crawler to access your photos. Mosets Tree's listings photos are located in the /media/com_mtree folder and Joomla's robots.txt file by default prevents any crawler to access /media directory.

To lift this restriction, edit your site's robots.txt file and remove the following Disallow line:

Disallow: /media/

For more information, refer to Twitter's Getting Started Guide for Cards.


Mosets Tree generates an RSS Feed for all categories recently added and recently updated. This is useful when you want to let users know of changes made in your directory without them needing to check your website constantly. They can get the RSS Feed data with any RSS feed reader or news aggregator.

See This In Demo

The RSS's feed icon can be seen next to the "Recently Added Listings" title. You can also see this in Recently Updated page.

Mosets Tree RSS contains your listing names, descriptions, URLs and images. Options in the Configuration's RSS tab allow you to add additional elements to your RSS feeds. The additional elements will look like this:


where "cust_1" will be replaced by the custom field name and "value" is the value of the field for a listing. The caption and the field's value will also be shown as part of the feed item's description.


Enable Search engine friendly (SEF) URLs to provide an easier way for users to access your directory pages. SEF URLs also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having relevant names and keywords in your URLs.

To enable Mosets Tree' SEF URLs, turn on Joomla Search Engine Friendly URLs in Joomla's Configuration (Go to "System Global Configuration", under SEO Settings) and Mosets Tree will generate SEF URLs for your directory.

Listing's slug type

You can control how to represent each listing with an SEF URL.


When a listing or category is added to Mosets Tree, an alias is created based on their title/name. This is typically done by lowercasing the name and replacing all the blank spaces with dashes. Choosing the "Alias" slug type will use this for your listing slug URL. eg:

Link ID

Instead of using an alias, "Link ID" will use the listing ID number as the listing slug URL. eg:

Link ID & Alias Hybrid

"Link ID & Alias Hybrid" slug type uses both the listing alias and the listing ID number for your listing's URL slug. This gives the best of both worlds. Using link ID number guarantees that each of your listings have a unique URL, and using the alias gives each listing a human-friendly SEF URL.


You can decide which feature you want to use a Captcha for submissions to verify that your site visitors are real humans and not bots or crawlers.


This section lets you control some aspects of Mosets Tree's back-end interface.

Use Explorer

By setting this to Yes, you can see the explorer folders that contain your site's directory in a tree-like form on the left hand side of the interface.

Explorer's Tree Level

By default, Mosets Tree limits the depth of your Explorer's Tree to prevent it from loading too many categories at once. You can change the value here to increase or decrease the level of categories you want to show in your Explorer.

Use Internal Notes

Mosets Tree allows you to write down notes for each listings and most items that are pending approval. This is useful when you are collaborating with multiple editors that manage your directory. You can turn this feature off by setting it to No.

Use WYSIWYG Editor description field in back-end

Set this to Yes if you want to use a WYSIWYG Editor in your core description field.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage all the reviews from your directory through the Mosets Tree's back-end component. Under the Listings section, you will see a "Reviews" column which shows the total number of reviews for each listing in hyperlink. Click on the link to manage reviews for a particular listing.

See This In Demo

Show Report under the Feature tab is used for reporting a listing, not a review. To disable "Report" link in reviews, you can configure it under Permission. Go to:

Mosets Tree Configurations Edit Permissions... (under "Main" tab)

set the permission for Report Review to "Denied".

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