How do I import large amount of categories?

MT Importer currently only allows you to mass import listings. You can't import or create categories using this tool. However, if you are comfortable with MySQL, you can import categories through MySQL or phpMyAdmin. Here's a sample SQL query you can use to import one category:

INSERT INTO `jos_mt_cats` (`cat_name`, `alias`, `cat_desc`, `cat_parent`, `cat_published`, `cat_approved`) VALUES ('Category Name', 'category-alias', 'Description', 0, 1, 1);

Here are the details of the query:

  • cat_name and cat_desc is the category name and category description respectively
  • alias is a shorthand for the category, used in SEF URL. Alias preferably should contain only alphanumerics and dashes.
  • cat_parent refers to the parent category of the category that is being added. If you're adding it to the root, set this to 0. Since you need to have the cat_id before you can assign a '_catparent', you'll need to create top level categories first and work your way down from there
  • cat_published and cat_approved control the status of the category. Both should be set to 1 if you want to publish the category to front-end

Once you have done the 'INSERT's, login to your site's back-end and run this URL:

Replace '' with your site's domain and path. This URL will build the 'lft' and 'rgt' column's value which is needed for use in Mosets Tree.