How do I publish the extension to my Joomla's site frontpage?

The steps outlined here applies to other component as well.

  1. Login to yout website's administrator back-end.

  2. Goto "Menus -> Main Menu"

  3. Look for a Mosets Tree menu item in the list of menus. Otherwise you need to create one:

    • Click the "New" icon.
    • Click "Select" and choose "Mosets Tree > Home" for the 'Menu Item Type'.
    • Enter a title to "Menu Title"
    • Click the "Save" icon on top of the page to save this new menu item.
  4. To publish this menu item to your site's frontpage, look for the menu item in the list of menu items and click on the 'star' icon under "Home" column. This will mark the menu item as your site's frontpage.