It would be tedious if you have to browse through categories and look through many listings to find the listings you're looking for. Mosets Tree comes with 3 types of searches to help your users to search for listings quickly.

Simple Search is one of the popular module of Mosets Tree. It provides a text box for searching keyword that matches all listing's fields that is set to "Simple Searchable". You can choose to display a drop down categories list through setting in Search module. This allows users to limit their searches in a specific category.

By default, the search is performed within the entire directory because its "Parent Cat. ID" is set to 0, which is the root's category ID. You can set a parent ID and if "Show Category" is set to No, users' searches through Search module will be limited to the appointed parent category. Note that you can get the "Parent Cat. ID" in left hand side table of the "Category" page in back-end.

The Search module has built in support for search completion, or popularly known as Ajax Search. This is activated as soon as you start typing on the search box. Search completion will match your listing and category's names and return up to 8 results. You can then press the Up or Down arrow to navigate between the results. Press the 'Enter' key to go directly to the listing or category.

For performance reason, results that are returned when using search completion are not sorted in any specific order.

Advanced Search provides users a more precise search to a listing in your directory. It allows your user to enter several search criteria and only display those listings that match all or any of the criteria entered by users. You can customize which fields to be shown here for your user by setting the fields to Advanced Searchable.

Advanced Search usually search against all your directory pages. In order to search within a specific category, you can modify the directory's URL. With SEF URLs enabled, you can direct to the specific category advanced search page by entering the category's alias in front of /advanced-search. For example:

When no SEF URLs is enable, you can go to any of the category page and replace listcats to advsearch in URL for entering to the category Advanced Search.

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Filters are available by publishing Mosets Tree's Filter module to your directory. Similar to Advanced Search, Filters is also an option that allows users to filter the listings to quickly find the listing they are looking, except that users can use this searching method in any pages of your directory from where you want the module to be published.

Instead of searching against the entire directory, you can change the Category ID in Filter module so searches will be performed within the specified category. Bear in mind that you have to configure your fields to Filter Searchable before you can allow your users to search through Filters.

Filters are also available when your users view your category through 'All Listings' in front-end. They can access it by clicking on the "Filter listings..." link.

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In this page, users can click on the "Filter Properties" link to review filters.

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