What Is New in Mosets Tree 3.9

Cluster Maps

Mosets Tree 3.9 introduces Cluster Maps that lets you show Google Maps with markers from multiple listings. You can show Cluster Maps in Category, Index, Search Results, Top Listings and All Listings pages.

JSON Output

JSON output allows other app or services to consume data from Mosets Tree in a machine readable way. This is disabled by default and can be enabled through Mosets Tree Configuration. Check out the full documentation to learn more about this.

Listing Renewal

Mosets Tree has always allow you to set the number of days new listings stay published before they expire. Mosets Tree 3.9 introduces a new feature that allow your users to renew their listings before they expire. Check out the full documentation to learn more about listing renewal.

Featuring a Listing in Front-end

Featuring a listing has always been a privilege for administrator in back-end. Mosets Tree 3.9 introduces support for listing owner to feature their own listing in front-end.


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