How can I back up my Mosets Tree data?

Data in Mosets Tree are stored in 2 places. The main data are stored in the database and the uploaded images and attachments are stored in the file system.

Images and Attachments

/media/com_mtree/images/listings/ /media/com_mtree/attachments/

The 3 directories above contains all uploaded images (both original and scaled version) for categories & listings and listings' attachments. If you have any uploaded images or attachments in your directory, make sure you back up these 2 directories, including all its sub-directories and files.


Assuming your database is using 'jos_' as the database prefix, backup all tables that start with jos_mt_*. Most hosting provider provide an interface through phpMyAdmin for you to export the data in a SQL file. Be sure to export the data structures and the data.



All Mosets Tree templates are stored in the above directory in its own sub-directory. Mosets Tree comes with a default template called 'Banyan' which is stored at /components/com_mtree/templates/banyan/. If you did not modify the default template, you can skip this directory, otherwise, backup all files and directories in this template directory.