Mosets Tree comes with 14 modules that helps you to display snippets of your directory across your site. If you just started using Joomla, you can refer to Joomla Documentation on general information about modules.

Assignment Options

Mosets Tree allows you to publish modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules includes a pane that allows you to control where within your directory pages that a module will be displayed. For example, you can assign a module to appear in all pages of your site or hide it from your site; or show in a single top level category while being hidden in others; or only display either in category or listing pages; or both.

Module Types

Alpha Index

Shows an alphabetically list of A-Z and 0-9. This allows user to quickly view listings starting from a particular alphabet or number.


Shows a tree-like structure to help user to browse the directory. The categories displayed by this module is updated according to the current category a user is viewing. It only shows link from the current category (and its predecessor) and sub categories only.


This module shows a list of sibling categories or sub-categories based on the current category a user is on. This list changes across pages depend on the pages a user is reading.

Categories Expanding

This module shows a list of sub categories in the current category a user is on. Instead of changing list across pages, it also shows links to the parent's category and its predecessor, including their siblings categories.

Directory Menu

Most directory will publish this module because it shows a list to some of the most common directory pages in Mosets Tree.

Directory Stats

Publish this module will shows the total number of categories and listings available in the directory.

Directory's Last Update

Displays the date of the listing that has been updated the most recent.

Dynamic Tree

Displays a javascript tree menu that lets users browse categories in a tree like structure. This is the module that allows easy navigation around tree categories.


Shows a list of configurable filters that allow users to search for listing based on specific criteria. Note that when ticking the checkboxes, filter for the fields does not display in front-end unless the checked fields is made Filter Searchable in Custom Fields.

See This In Demo

You can see the example of filter module in Movie category. It is placed under the top menu and contain search criteria that related to Movie category such as "Director" and "Genre" to refine users' searches in this category.


Displays listing owners sorted by Most Listings or Most Reviews.

Displays the Simple Search module for searching the directory and optionally a link to the Advanced Search page. It can also be configured to display a list of categories in a drop down menu to allow users to filter their searches through selected category.

By default, the search module has search completion enabled. This activates as soon as you start typing in the module's search input field and return up to 8 matching listings and categories. When you press the "Enter" key or click on the "Search" button, you will be redirected to Search Results page showing the full results matching your search keyword.

Go to Simple Search to learn more.

Static Categories

Similar to Categories module, except that Static Categories does not change across different pages. Static Categories display from a specific configurable parent categories.

Tag Cloud

Displays a list of popular tags from a tag field.

Top Listings

This is a multipurpose module that allows you to display top listings in your directory. This module can be configured to show New, Recently Updated, Featured, Popular, Most Rated, Top Rated and Most Reviewed listings. This can also be used to show random listings.


Shows a map with cluster of markers from your directory. There are options for you to show markers from a particular category and sort them in various ways.

Voted Best

Voted Best module displays a table of top rated listings.

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